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The X-Com Squad by Dragonlord965 The X-Com Squad by Dragonlord965
Led by Col. Emma "Twitch" Thomas, the squad has seen numerous engagements with almost no casualties. Col. Thomas herself has taken down more aliens, alive or dead, than any other soldier. In fact, her kill count most likely is greater than that of ALL other soldiers combined. Her second, and definitely one of the reasons for low mortality rates, Col. Ruiz, aka "Shield", has been healing and defending his squadmates more times than he can count. Col. Thomas may be getting the majority of kills, but Ruiz is the reason she has been able to charge into the thick of things. Maj. Bakker, aka "Lockdown", had risen quickly with her excellent sharpshooting skills. Whether using her rifle or her pistol, she almost never misses. Maj. Jeong, aka "Flash", earned his moniker, not because of his speed, but rather thanks to the flash of explosions that followed wherever he went. If not for its limited ammo, his launcher would probably be his primary weapon. Luckily for the research staff, that is not the case. Cpt. Jones, aka "Magic Man", may not be as adept at healing as Col. Ruiz, but he makes up for it with his specially designed smoke grenades, not only providing cover, but also a boost in abilities. A recent addition to the squad, Lt. Kuznetsova, quickly rose through the ranks earning her the moniker, "Tectonic", for the way she shakes up the battlefield as she mows even the toughest enemies down.
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October 13, 2012
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